Dashcams and Fleet Cams

Dash and Fleet Cams are a great investment. They allow for increased accountability and in some cases decreased liability.

Advanced Alternative Solutions provides installation and support services for vehicle camera needs.

From turnkey solutions to custom integrations we are a full service provider.

Internal cameras for passenger transportation. Great for buses, taxi’s, & ride sharing.

External cameras can monitor what is going on around the vehicle and not just the windshield.

Seeing what happens in and around your vehicle can help with accident investigation, catch criminal activity and refute or substantiate accusations

Our dash cams and fleet cams services are designed to support private and public vehicles and can cover single vehicles to entire fleets.

Let's build the perfect solution together!

One of our experts will help you choose the right solution for your needs. Our comprehensive approach makes sure you get the features, upgradeability, and stability; while remaining within your budget.